4 Reasons to Install Window Tinting in Baby’s Nursery

If you have a young child in the home, you know all too well what naptimes and bedtimes are like. Every parent hopes their child will go to bed on demand, but it rarely happens. There are several reasons why your child may find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. Solar window film can alleviate some of the problems to help baby (and the rest of the family) sleep longer.

Here are four great reasons why you should install window film in your baby’s room:

Nursery Window

It reduces the glare.

It’s difficult for babies to fall asleep in the middle of the day, when the sun is still up. It helps to have a room that is quiet and dark. Sure, you can purchase blackout blinds, but these aren’t always a good option. The easiest, safest and most effective way to darken the room is with window tinting.

It creates more privacy.

Adding more privacy to your child’s room is another benefit of window films. If you opt for a film that gives privacy, you can prevent people from being able to see into the nursery. This is especially helpful if you live in close quarters and don’t have a lot of personal space around your home.

It protects from UV rays.

All good quality window films block 99% of UV rays, allowing baby to sleep comfortably without getting exposure from the sun. If there are large windows in your child’s room, window film will make it safer and more comfortable. Solar film also prevents fading, keeping baby’s nursery furniture and linens in mint condition.

It’s safer than blinds and curtains.  

Extra blinds and curtains are typically a parent’s first option, but these can be annoying, dusty and dangerous. The pull cords are a choking hazard, they don’t last very long and often create more dust as they deteriorate. They are also quite expensive and sometimes difficult to install. Window film is easy to install, has no cords or pull chains and doesn’t flap around in the breeze. The solar protection will also help existing curtains and blinds last much longer.