Queensland gets very hot and you really need to reduce sources of heat coming into your rooms. Air conditioning will also make a huge difference but you don’t want your cooling systems struggling to keep up with the excess heat coming in. Any window that gets sunlight will cause heat to build up in the room, which makes your air conditioner less effective. Window tinting is recommended on any window that gets direct sunlight or reflected sunlight for more than one hour each day.

Blinds and curtains only block up to about 40% of the heat coming in and awnings or shutters will block about 60% to 80%. A good window tinting film will block the same amount of heat and is much less expensive. Window film also blocks 99% of the UV light and gives great daytime privacy all year long.

In winter, when the sun shines through the window you will still feel at about 20% of the heat, so it’s a nice place to sit in the sun without getting sun burn. The window film also insulates the glass, reducing heat loss at night by about 35%.

The most popular window tints in Brisbane are the darkest or most reflective films to reduce the most heat from the sunlight coming through. The newest technology films are metalized to give good insulation properties while letting more of the visible light spectrum through. That means you don’t have to darken your house too much to get a good result from window tinting.

Silver reflective films are the most effective, stopping about 80% of the heat but most people don’t like the look of these films on their home.

Reflective Silver Window Tinting

A very dark tint blocks about 70% of the heat and looks nice from outside. The problem is that they darken rooms, which is fine for some applications but most people aren’t happy with such a dark tint.

Privacy Window Tinting

The newer metalized films are the most popular because they look nice and they block the same amount of heat while letting two to three times more visible light through.

Home Window Tinting

Rusty’s Window Tinting supplies only the best quality films that will not fade or bubble. The tinting is guaranteed to satisfy and the film comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty (for as long as you live in the house).

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