• I agree that it’s a good idea to get more than one quote for any job. Although, when it comes to window tinting, it’s easy to get bogged down looking at different films and all the specifications.
  • Most window tinting companies offer the same service and similar products so don’t be fooled by people who say that a company has poor quality film or installers.
  • If the film comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty, then it is usually a good quality brand.
  • I can supply any brand of film you require and I always compete on price.
  • Quality brands include 3M, SolarGard, Llumar, MEP, SunTek, Johnson, Avery and UltraGard.
  • Some other films only have a 5-year warranty on commercial applications, which may be an indication that the film is of lower quality. The top quality films have at least a 10-year warranty on commercial applications.
  • Film installers normally leave a small gap around the edges of the film (less than half a millimetre) to reduce the chance of dirt getting under the film during installation.
  • On some windows, the rubber gasket can be pulled out before the film is applied. Then, when the film is dry enough, the rubber can be pushed back in.
  • It takes extra time to remove and replace rubbers so many companies will just cut the film close to the existing rubbers without trying to minimise the gaps.


  • Does the film have a good warranty in domestic and commercial applications?
  • Can the installer remove and replace some of the rubbers around the windows to eliminate gaps?
  • To help you decide if a business will be good to deal with, you should have a look at their ratings before calling them.

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