You might save a bit of money. But, you might need some specialised tools, instructions, practice and a huge amount of patience to get it looking good.
Also consider the price; Window film is not cheap, so if you purchase film and muck it up, you will have to buy it again and you’ll probably end up spending more than you would if you got a professional to install it.


  • To prepare for installation of your window tinting, it is helpful to move furniture at least 1 meter from the windows.
  • The installer can usually move curtains and blinds out of the way as they go from panel to panel.
  • Some films can be installed using a dish washing liquid in the spray bottles and some manufacturers require the use of a product they exclusively supply, otherwise the warranty may be void.
  • The installation process involves cleaning the glass and the surrounding rubber and frame. If it’s a wooden frame then any paint or lacquer needs to be scraped off the glass.
  • On some windows, some or all of the rubber gaskets can be taken out to allow the film to be applied so that the edges are covered by the rubber when it is carefully pushed back in.
  • Proper squeegee technique and cleaning with lint free cloth is crucial to avoid specs of dirt, dust or hairs getting under the film.
  • Peeling off the backing sheets, spaying the right amount of water and getting the film on the glass without creases are challenges, even for an experienced installer.
  • Cutting neatly around the edges is another skill that takes a long time to master.
  • The installer will use a hard squeegee to push water out from behind the film and a special plastic card and cloths to dry and flatten out the edges of the film.
  • The adhesive on the film might go milky white for a few minutes as it activates.
  • You might also notice that the surface of the film is bumpy from the water trapped under it.
  • The film needs to be left for at least a week to dry and flatten out.
  • Sliding windows and doors can be used straight away with care not to catch the edge of the film.
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