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Window Tinting For Your House:

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Does the sun shine in your windows, causing too much heat and glare?
Would you like to be able to see outside all day without being seen?
Have you noticed some fading of your carpet or furniture?
Would you like your house to look nicer from the street?
Are you concerned about glass breakage or the security of your home?

Window tinting is the most cost effective solution to all of these problems.

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Your First Choice For Window Tinting

  • Based in Morayfield, I provide a fast and friendly service.
  • As a small business, my prices are lower than the big companies.
  • I only use top quality films with at least a 12 year warranty.
  • My process leaves no gaps around the edges of each panel.
  • The latest reviews and photos are on my FaceBook  and Google Maps pages.
  • I have over 130 5-star reviews and have never had a review below 4-stars.

Window Tinting is Awesome!

  • It makes a huge difference in the home, office, classroom, etc.
  • All my solar films block 99% of UV and most of the infra-red light.
  • Darker films cut the glare by up to 95% and you can still see out clearly.
  • Reflective films reduce the incoming heat by up to 84% and give excellent daytime privacy.
  • When I measure and quote, I show the different films and can leave samples.
  • Contact me today for top quality window tinting at the best prices.
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New Technology

  • Since 1986 I’ve seen many advances in the quality of window tinting.
  • Metallized films block most of the heat without making the room too dark.
  • Ceramic films perform even better and look very black from outside.
  • The tinting I use comes with a lifetime warranty and doesn’t fade or bubble.
  • I can help you select the right film to suit your needs and budget.
  • Here are some photos of my house tints.


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