• Many people keep their curtains and blinds closed for insulation and for privacy from the neighbours.
  • With tinted windows, you can open your curtains all day and enjoy the view in complete privacy and a cooler house.
  • In most cases it really improves the feel of the house and lifts the mood of the family.
window Tinting from Ladder


  • I recommend window tinting for any window that gets direct sun coming through.
  • Window films are a very cost-effective method to reduce heating and cooling costs in existing buildings by reducing the amount of heat transfer through glazing.
  • Dark films block up to 70% of heat by stopping most of the light but they will make some rooms too dark and they also absorb heat which can radiate into the room.
  • Reflective films reject more heat (80%) and keep the surface of the glass cooler. They can be less dark, allowing more light into the room while blocking the same amount of heat.
  • All tinting films block 99% of ultra-violet light.
  • A new range of films also block light in the infra-red range. These films are much lighter while still blocking most (60%) of the heat.
  • A balance between the darkness, reflectiveness and heat reduction of the film depends on personal requirements.


  • In some homes and offices, the glare from direct sun and reflected light off surrounding buildings or concrete areas can be extreme.
  • In these cases a medium or dark window tint is the best choice.
  • The amount of glare reduction is directly related to the darkness of the tint film.
  • A very dark tint cuts 95% of the glare while a medium tint cuts about 75% and doesn’t darken the room too much.


  • By blocking 99% of UV light and reducing heat, even the lightest window films will extend the life of your carpets, curtains and furniture by at least 10 times.


  • Most tinting films give excellent daytime privacy, because they make the glass at least twice as reflective.
  • You may need to close curtains or blinds for privacy at night when there is no light reflecting off the outside of the window.
  • Frosted films give complete privacy while allowing most of the natural light through.
    They are ideal for bathroom windows, doors with clear glass in them and sidelight windows next to front doors.
  • In offices, internal glazed partitions often have sections of frosted film for privacy.

Safety & Security

  • All window films are quite strong and make it harder to break the glass.
  • Safety and security films are much thicker with stronger glue, making it almost impossible to break through.
  • There are some great videos on YouTube demonstrating the strength of these films.


  • The look and feel of a house will add to the value of the property.